About Us

Some of us started playing the first edition, others started with fifth edition. We've rolled fumbles and crits against goblins and dragons. We've played fighters, clerics, wizards, rogues, and rangers. We've crawled through dungeons, and we've tried to reason with a few BBEGs... maybe next time that strategy will work.

We are players and DMs. We are artists and crafters. We are engineers and designers. We are students and teachers. We paint broad strokes and tweak fine details. In real life, we've been through good times and bad. And through it all, we always look forward to our next game because it brings us together.

Our Mission

We humbly offer products that we have enjoyed ourselves. We hope that each one can make playing the world's greatest RPGs just a little bit better for players and dungeon masters. Our key values are innovation, inclusiveness, and sustainability.

Innovation. Role playing games are incredibly imaginative, and yet the set of products available to players can get kind of boring. Think of that friend (or yourself) who has everything: boxed set, dice, rule books, dice bags, adventure books, dice vaults, minis, a dice tower, a DM screen, dice trays, spell cards, metal dice, terrain, dice made from rare trees, battle mats, a dice jail, character portraits, dice... in more colors. That list might seem long at first, but after a couple of years in the hobby, it really is not. We use dice, we love dice, we love people who love dice, but there is more to life than dice. In some ways, our RPG creative community is in a rut. The big game companies are not going to rock the boat, but we at Tabletop Unglued are ready to go a little bit crazy. Some of our products might seem so obvious that you'll wonder why no one ever came up with them before, while others might just leave you wondering.

Inclusiveness. Role playing games challenge our minds and bring out our hearts as we become something that we could never be in real life. It's human nature to dream. Everyone needs that. Everyone deserves a place at that table. One of the amazing things about RPGs is that they have been so inclusive, and part of that inclusiveness is economic. At Tabletop Unglued, we recognize that players come from all walks of life with all levels of financial resources. Whenever possible, we use Pay-What-You-Want pricing that can go all the way down to zero. Paper is a medium which scales down to the most basic school or office supplies, and all the way up to our premium, hand-crafted, varnished paper masterpieces with faux leather or friggin' magnets that give a super-satisfying snap. Our print-and-play approach also allows for customization that could never happen at a factory. Your character and your adventure are unique because they come from you. Gaming essentials are personal items that should be as quirky and unexpected as each and every player.

Sustainability. Most of us were taught to play by friends or family who enjoyed passing the game on to us, just as we enjoy passing it on to others. The idea and spirit of gaming is part of magic of the multiverse. But, here in the material plane, they often come with a bunch of plastic and metal that have an environmental impact that no one is happy about passing along. Paper is not a perfect material, but it is a renewable resource that captures carbon, and it can be recycled or broken down by nature. At Tabletop Unglued, all our products and packaging are designed with reuse, recycling, and environmental impact in mind. Your party's druid would be proud.

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