Condition Markers


  • Compact, yet sturdy cardstock condition markers for your minis.

  • Twenty conditions included.

  • Choose from four shapes and three color schemes.

  • Optional quick reference on the back of each marker.

  • Fits standard one-inch mini bases.

  • Perfect-sized travel box included with two color choices.

  • Source files included so that you can customize.

Dice and minis are pictured to show scale and are not included.

Barbarian: I'd like to jam my ax right in its eye, but I'm afraid I can't go there.

DM: Go ahead and narrate it, don't be restrained, we can all handle a little gore.

Barbarian: No, I mean my character is frightened.

DM: Oh yeah. OK, wizard, you're up.

Wizard: What?

DM: Are you deaf?

Wizard: What? ... No, I'm just slow.

DM: I'm stunned: I told you twice that your turn was coming up. Please concentrate.

Wizard: I'm not slow, I'm slowed.

DM: Fine. Whatever. How about you, Mr. Charming bard?

Bard: I'm petrified.

DM: Come on people, get it together! You guys can get through this if you just work as one team instead of being so ... (snaps fingers and points at rogue) disintegrated.

Bard: No, I was literally turned to stone last turn.

DM: Well, I'm "literally" exhausted. I may be prone to giving you tough encounters, but I thought you could handle one lousy beholder.

Minis are made of hard plastic or metal, so (like some of us) they always look awesome on the outside, even when they may be less than awesome on the inside.

Condition Markers are labels for minis that indicate one of twenty different conditions, like Blinded, Frightened, Grappled, or Stunned.

Our Condition Markers come in a variety of shapes and color schemes. See what suits you: rings, chips, octagons, squares, or bands. Go with plain text, color coding, or dramatic all black. Use a matching back side, or choose a quick reference for the rules. Mix and match, and make as many as you need.


How to Make

Paper crafting difficulty: Easy.

  1. For print-at-home, pay what you want for the templates at You will also gain access to Google Drawings documents that you can copy and edit.

  2. Choose the style and color scheme that you want. Print the needed templates on cardstock paper.

  3. Cut on the dotted lines and crease on the solid lines. Fold, glue, and assemble according to the included instructions.

Game Night Advantages

  • Mark your mini with conditions as needed, so that there is one less thing to remember.

  • Always be ready with extra condition markers. Even if you already own a set of fancy condition rings, you'll need more when the whole party fails to save against Frightful Presence.

  • Quickly remind everyone of condition details with condensed rules on the backs.

  • Gift them to your DM or players as unique keepsakes to remember that time when the bard offered a group folk music performance in exchange for safe passage, but the medusa preferred you as a "rock band."

You're invisible,

But you can still be attacked.

Rules are on the back.