Grid Notes


  • Available in 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, or 8x10 sizes

  • Each note card has a grid on the front. Card backs are hexes, grids, idea bubbles, blank, or a few rare surprises

  • Cardstock parchment paper sets the mood and holds up to usage

  • Packaged in a paper band or tuck box

Dice are pictured to show scale and are not included.

True stationery fans know two things:

  • During creative time, the right materials can inspire, and

  • The heart wants what the heart wants.

RPGs draw us into a rich world of fantasy and art. So why do your note cards look like they were left over from last year's back-to-school sale?

This is the stationery that you didn't realize you needed. Our Grid Notes are perfect for sketching a quick map, planning an encounter, or creating an NPC. Let the d20 be your muse.


How to Make

Paper crafting difficulty: Cards are very easy. Tuck box is easy.

  1. Want it shipped to you fully made? Click the "Buy Now" button.

  2. For print-at-home, pay what you want for the templates at You will also gain access to a Google Spreadsheet that you can copy and edit.

  3. Choose the grid pattern that you like and print it on the front of several sheets. Each sheet makes five 3x5 cards, three 4x6 cards, two 5x8 cards, or one 8x10 card. Run the paper through the printer again to print backs and to add overlays as desired.

  4. Cut out cards on the dotted lines. Optionally, round corners. Watch how our industrial folding robots do the job in the video below.

  5. For the tuck box, print, cut, and glue according to the instruction sheet.

Game Night Advantages

  • Increase your charisma score by showing off something that no one else has.

  • Organize your game ideas in style:

    • Use idea bubbles to explore your ideas for locations, NPCs, or plot lines; then,

    • Make handy cards for your encounters, NPCs, spells, or items.

  • Easily draw a stack of simple, practical dungeon tiles:

    • Plan a map in advance and reveal it one at a time, or

    • Shuffle the deck and make a completely new layout on the fly.

  • Quickly put together some last-minute hand-outs that look awesome.

  • Welcome a new player with a classy and practical themed gift.

  • Use Grid Notes IRL as a reminder to give yourself more chances: roll survival skills when writing a grocery list, roll persuasion when leaving a note for your roommate, and give yourself advantage on intimidation when making a sign to warn said roommate away from eating said groceries.

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