Dice Towers


  • Add drama to your rolls, but keep the dice under control.

  • Use the provided art, or make them your own with character portraits, fantasy scenes, or campaign maps.

  • Plenty of room for rolling hit and damage dice together.

  • Double-layer cardstock design holds up to use, and produces a satisfying sound.

  • Portable: Tower yard is also a lid for travel.

Dice are pictured to show scale and are not included.

"Oh, a dice tower... one of those 3D-printed things."

No. This is not that. This is one you print on cardstock paper with a regular printer.

"I don't think I need one."

You didn't need six sets of fancy dice either. There's not much that's really needed for RPGs, instead it's about fun and creativity. These dice towers are loaded with contagious creativity.

The first-level paladin in your group has a leather rolling tray from Kickstarter. Sure, it's nice. Then, you unpack a dice tower that looks like corn, because your druid... enjoys a good cob. Look, no one in their right mind needs a dice tower that looks like corn. And, yet, here we are.


How to Make

Paper crafting difficulty: Medium.

  1. Pay what you want for the templates at DMsGuild.com. You will also gain access to a Google Drawings that you can copy and edit.

  2. Select parchment cardstock, light colored cardstock, or decorative paper.

  3. Print at home. Make as many as you like.

  4. Follow instructions to cut, fold, and glue.

Game Night Advantages

  • Eliminate any doubts about fair rolls, or whether a nat 20 on the floor counts.

  • Make your rolls feel even more random by bouncing your dice off three baffles that bear quirky references, catch-phrases, or your own inside jokes.

  • Build group cohesion with campaign-specific art.

  • Metal dice? Protect your mom's table and your ability to host future sessions there.

  • Gift them to players or DM as a unique accessory that you made yourself.

Every eye will watch
As dramatic rolls play out
Bounce, bounce-bounce, bounce-bounce