Quest Bingo Boards


  • Half-page bingo boards with 5x5 cells

  • Each board has a mix of easy, difficult, and off-beat goals

  • Customize a little by filling in blanks, or a lot by making whole new boards

  • Six pre-filled boards, two fill-in-the-blank boards, and two all blank boards

Dice are pictured to show scale and are not included.

Attention murder hobos: RPGs are about role playing and problem solving, not just using combat to resolve every-- hey stop hitting me!

Quest Bingo Boards help players make the leap into role playing without being railroaded. The goals on the sheets challenge players to try new actions and explore new areas. They work in parallel with the DMs campaign to draw the characters off the beaten track and into some funny or memorable situations.


How to Make

Paper crafting difficulty: Very easy.

  1. Print-at-home: pay what you want for the file at You will also gain access to a Google Doc that you can copy and edit.

  2. Choosing paper, plain or parchment cardstock paper.

  3. Choose the pages you want to print.

  4. Cut out cards. Optionally, round corners.

Game Night Advantages

  • Give each player 25 more reasons to be creative, role play, and try new things.

  • Cooperative goals help keep players engaged when it is not their turn.

  • Play bingo in parallel with your current campaign, or relive memorable moments from many past sessions.

  • Fun and memorable keepsake for players who don't write adventure logs.

I have to admit
I didn't have "seduce hag"
On my bingo board