Decorative d20s


  • Wide variety of interesting colors and patterns

  • Baseball-sized, hollow, and sealed.

  • Card stock construction is tough enough for a bard, but tell the barbarian "gentle, gentle, gentle." Double-strength version is stronger than a soda can.

  • Step-by-step instructions so everyone can make one

Picture your game table on game night. Everyone's there and they all brought their junk. What a mess. The piles of paper look like five geeks doing their tax returns on April 14.

Game night is a party! Make it special with decorative d20s that fit your character's style, or that add just plain fun.

These dice don't affect the game... except to make it awesome!


How to Make

Paper crafting difficulty: Easy.

  1. Pay-what-you-want for the PDF file on You will also get access to the source files in Google Drawings.

  2. Plan for each of your players to have a few choices.

  3. Select colorful, textured cardstock.

  4. Fold and glue according to included instruction sheet.

Game Night Advantages

  • Make them ahead of time to surprise everyone. Or, have your players assemble them as a creative group activity at the table.

  • Let each player choose the design that suits their character or their own personal style.

  • Use them as inspiration tokens that are too awesome to forget.

  • They are something to do with your hands, so you can savor snacks instead of shoveling.

  • Anyone caught on their smartphone at the table gets pelted with them.

  • Your host's little ones will *love* playing with them... in the other room.

  • Let your players take them home as an unique and memorable keepsake for home or office.

Express YourSelf

  • Is your character good as gold? Dark as night? An alpha male? Mysterious? Loyal? Romantic? Off beat? Vegan AF?

  • Get a grip on your character's big personality with a big d20 that you can grip in your hand.

  • They're real and they're spectacular.

Merry Crit-mas!

Add some RPG style to your Christmas tree this year. The iconic d20 shape, combined with holiday art, will show Santa how you roll. These uncommon magic items give Santa advantage on his perception check to know that your LG, NG, or CG alignment has been in effect all year.

This set includes a special New Years ornament for 2020: The Year of the Crit!

Merry Crit-mas to all, and to all a good fight!

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