SCroll Cases


  • Octagonal tube with a snug matching cap

  • Holds several rolled-up full-sized sheet of paper

  • Sturdy construction about as strong as a soda can

  • Included art gives a magical impression, or customize with your own

Dice are pictured to show scale and are not included.

Masters of arcane knowledge, don't walk about with your scrolls hanging out. One cannot count on a soggy scroll to retain the full extent of the magical energy once contained within. A torn royal letter does not make a full impression. And, a crumpled map will only slow you down.

Scroll Cases are a perfect container for handouts such as scrolls, maps, or in-game letters. They are rigid cylinders that are long enough to hold a full-size sheet of paper and they have an octagonal cross-section. The snug cap makes a satisfying sound when closed.

Use the included art, or access the source files to customize them to fit your campaign, characters, NPCs, or your personal style.


How to Make

Paper crafting difficulty: Intermediate.

  1. Print-at-home: pay what you want for the file at You will also gain access to Google Drawings that you can copy and edit.

  2. Choosing plain, light colored, or parchment cardstock paper.

  3. Follow the included instructions to print, cut, fold, and glue the product.

Game Night Advantages

  • Protect your precious paper props.

  • Add drama and emersion by keeping handouts in a RPG themed scroll case.

  • Build group cohesion by gifting unique keepsakes to players or the DM.

  • Use them in real life to store items, set the mood, and start conversations.

Loose scrolls risk damage
Wrap it before you tap it
For full potency