Telescoping Cases


  • Tube-shaped cases collapse to 7 inches long or extend to just over 11 inches.

  • Holds rolled paper, pens, dice, tokens, etc.

  • Sturdy multi-layer construction is about as strong as a soda can when closed.

  • Dozens of artwork options to choose from.

  • Use the included art or edit the source files to make your own.

Dice are pictured to show scale and are not included.

"The one-hundred year-old monk decisively stomps the last of the bandits, then calmly turns to you and says 'They were trying to steal my grandfather's map.' He reaches into the folds of his robe and pulls out... um... this three-ring binder."

Player characters are the heroes of every RPG story. But, stories are more engaging when they have a few colorful and relatable NPCs. Themed props help bring NPCs to life for your players through sight and touch. Would the old monk keep his map in a roll of burlap or a bamboo tube? Would a bard's bedroll have a bundle of sheet music tucked into it? Would a solitary druid protect her spell scroll by rolling it up in leaves, in a small log, or maybe in a hollowed out corn cob?

Telescoping Cases securely hold rolled up papers of various sizes. They can also hold pens, dice, tokens, or other small items. They are sturdy ten-sided tubes that feel great in your hand, and close snugly (so snug that they can make a cork-pop sound when opened).

What's inside counts, but the outside of these cases is just as cool. Choose from art ranging from dark wood to bright rainbows (even one that looks like corn). Or, edit the source files to fit your own character or campaign.

Make the most of your next handout, or show off your practicality and style at every session.


How to Make

Paper crafting difficulty: Easy.

  1. For print-at-home, pay what you want for the templates at You will also gain access to Google Drawings documents that you can copy and edit.

  2. Choose the texture art that you want. Print the needed templates on cardstock paper.

  3. Cut on the dotted lines and crease on the solid lines. Fold, glue, and assemble according to the instruction sheet. Or, flip through these step-by-step photos to make one.

Game Night Advantages

  • Add drama and enhance immersion the next time you reveal a rolled paper prop.

  • Transport your dice, pens, or other small items in a themed case.

  • Show off your RPG style and start conversations at home, school, or office.

  • Gift them to your hard working DM or players as a unique keepsake representing the time you shared together.

Curiosity piques
Before we see what's inside
Let me hold it first