Crackable D20s


Dice are pictured to show scale and are not included.

One of the most memorable and iconic shapes associated with RPGs is the icosahedron, or d20.  And, one of the most memorable moments you can have with your group is a big plot point revelation.

Crackable D20s combine those two wonderful aspects of the RPG hobby into one grippable object of desire.

Crackable D20s are technically boxes, but their shape and closure mechanism make them the center of attention. Your players have never seen a dice box like this before.  What's inside?  Use them for dice, candy, or other small objects, such as a note with a plot reveal.  Allow a player to crack one open to reveal the contents.

Each hemisphere has triangular tips and pockets.  Tuck the tips of one hemisphere into the pockets of the other, and it will stay closed until you crack it openThen, close it again for next time. An optional belt locks it closed for travel.

Druid approved: They are made entirely from paper with no plastic, metal, or magnets.


How to Make

Paper crafting difficulty: Intermediate.

Game Night Advantages

Mystery inside

cracking it open reveals

your quest has a twist