Character Passports


  • 4.25 by 2.75 inch: fits in your hand or pocket

  • Fancy cover with magnetic closure

  • Use your own character portrait and personal statement

  • Sliding hit point tracker (with no erasing)

  • Ability score web visualizes your strengths and weaknesses

  • Check off class features as you level up

  • Daily spell slots sheet make tracking easy

  • Lots of room for notes, maps, and stamps

  • 24 pages total

Dice are pictured to show scale and are not included.

Since the dawn of time, RPG players have filled in character sheets and then proceeded to lose them under stacks of paper, and erase and rewrite them until the paper tears.

Character passports are a new twist on character sheets and adventure journals. They feel good in your hand. They include the most important information from your character sheet, a hit point tracker, a spiffy abilities web, spell slot tracker, and space for your adventure log, maps and notes.

As a DM, this is a unique and personal gift you can give to each of your players as a campaign keepsake that will help them keep their hands occupied, focus on the game, and speed through encounters.


how to make

Paper crafting difficulty: Easy.

  1. Download the PDF files from You will also gain access to a Google Spreadsheet that you can copy and edit.

  2. Customize the files with your own portrait image and text.

  3. Print at home using your own paper, or the materials listed above.

  4. Follow the instruction sheet. Or watch our industrial robots cut, fold, and glue in the video below.

Game Night advantages

  • Track hit points by moving a paper clip along a number line (with no need to erase).

  • When it is your turn, you have your attacks and features right in your hand, so there's no need to dig though piles of paper.

  • Make a note when you meet an NPC, discover a clue, or are given a quest.

  • Earn a stamp or sticker by visiting a location or defeating an enemy. Or, purchase a magical ward from a wizard's shop.

  • When you level up, check off your new class features or update your abilities web.

  • When you cast a spell, just fill in a bubble to keep track of spell slots.

  • Exercise your rights as an adventurer by showing an in-game passport with the king's seal ... or a forged identity.

  • Enslaved in a debtors prison and forced to go on dangerous quests? Evil overseerer Sal-Lee Mae uses passbooks to track each unfortunate's account.

Express YourSelf

  • The character passport is a personal item that bridges the player's hand with the character's hand.

  • Select a fancy cover from our material pack.

  • Exercise your artistic abilities when you chart your character's game abilities.

  • Show your wit by writing funny in-character notes.

  • Distill your character's personality down to one sentence in the personal statement.

  • Find or make stamps to commemorate your character's campaign milestones.

I'm exactly who
Fantasy needs me to be
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