STarburst Handouts


Dice are pictured to show scale and are not included.

Every game night is a special occasion. Let that special someone (like your DM or players) know that you care by giving them a greeting card that pops open in their face.

Every Starburst Handout is a packet stuffed with drama and emotion.  Sure, there are lots of funny, irreverent greeting cards at the store.  But, those cost like $5 each, they are not RPG themed, and they are severly lacking in the popping-open-in-their-face department.

Our Starburst Handouts have a custom envelope that peaks the recipient's curiosity, a cover that develops the narrative, and an expanding interior that pops the puchline in the reader's face.

Use them for invitations or thank-you notes.  Act out your character's feelings for another character by giving them a envelope filled with a little too much infomation. Or, use them for in-game situations in which the players' face a choice to commit to an action with an immediate consequence.

As with all our products, you print these at home.  Customize them to fit your campaign, characters, and personal style, either before printing or the old fashioned way of adding a note with a pen.


How to Make

Paper crafting difficulty: Easy.

Game Night Advantages

A special message
Pops out in your face