Origami Ability Checks


  • Each puzzle is a one-sided 8x8 grid that players must fold into a two-sided 4x4 grid with the picture assembled on the front and all orange cells on the back.

  • Ten puzzles included: one example puzzle, plus three sets of artwork with easy, medium, and hard puzzles in each set. An answer sheet is also provided.

  • Very easy to print and cut out. If you are playing remotely, the DM can select a sheet for players to print and solve at home.

  • Source files are included so you can change the art to match your campaign or group.

Dice are pictured to show scale and are not included.

"Do you remember that time that I rolled a 20? It was amazing. That kind of luck only happens... like 1/20 of the time."

Dice are great. Everybody loves rolling their beautiful RPG dice. But, this is not Yahtzee: dice don't play RPGs, people do. A player might need to roll a saving throw to see if they can avoid a fireball, and then everyone moves right along to the next step of the fight. But, other ability checks might be a lot more fun to do with a puzzle.

Origami ability checks are paper-folding puzzles. Each starts off as a one-sided 8x8 grid, and the player needs to fold it into a two-sided 4x4 grid with a picture showing on the front and orange cells showing on the back. They range in difficulty, take a few minutes to solve, and are very satisfying.

Most players have never seen anything like this, so there can be a big "wow" factor. As with all of our products, you can customize these puzzles with your own art or text that fits your campaign.

For example, one key plot point in your adventure might require players to find a hidden entrance to a castle. Instead of glossing over it with one roll that takes 3 seconds, stretch out that challenge with a fun puzzle that takes 3 minutes and that players will remember for 3 years.


How to Make

Paper crafting difficulty: Very Easy.

  1. Pay what you want for the templates at DMsGuild.com. You will also gain access to a Google Drawings that you can copy and edit.

  2. Select parchment, plain, or light-colored paper.

  3. Print at home. Make as many as you like.

  4. Follow instructions to cut out. Players fold the sheet as they solve the puzzle.

Game Night Advantages

  • Challenge players with a fun puzzle rather than settling everything with dice rolls.

  • DMs can plan to use specific puzzles for specific plot points. Go further by customizing the puzzle with art or words that fit your adventure. For a easy customization, print and solve a puzzle yourself, then write a clue across the back and unfold. Or, just print them all, shove them in your bag, and look super-prepared when you whip one out and ad-lib how it represents the situation at hand.

  • Puzzles can replace one ability check for one player as a solo challenge. Or, they can be used with all players collaboratively or competitively as a race or contest.

  • Players will want to keep the solved puzzles as trophies to remember their in-game accomplishments, and show them off to others.

INT DC 14:
Instead of rolling your dice,
Figure this thing out